Pointless Banter


There really isn't much to put in this section... My journal lacks use due to the simple reason that I forget I have it. Though using it is entertaining, I can't seem to find much to do with it, so when I do remember my journal, I often turn down the idea of using it in favor of doing something else. People often ask for my personal information, and I'll give you a warning in advance that I won't give it to you, ever. Not even if you promise a million dollars, because I know you won't pay up. I enjoy playing the viola as well as piano and am curious to know what playing the pipe organ would be like (not that I would be allowed to play one). People often think I'm a mule of my sister, Kidalana, but I'm not, and that assumption frustrates me so much that at times I want to scream. Roleplays are enjoyable and I quest for a good one constantly, but haven't found a truly enjoyable one that doesn't die within the first few months.