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Writer's Block: Dream on

Do you usually remember your dreams at night? Do you analyze and/or record your dreams in your journal? Are there any recurring themes?

Well, usually I don't remember my dreams at all, but I do sort of remember that they were weird, scary, etc. Some I do remember though, and a recurring thing seems to be doing embarrassing stuff at school. This includes things like not wearing any shoes and walking down the halls in my socks, worrying if I'll be able to find my shoes (quite silly, really). I've also had at least two dreams that include changing my clothes in the middle of the classroom. Mostly, I think the recurring theme throughout those two examples is being embarrassed at school/worrying too much about what others think.
Those are only a few of my dreams, I've had some really trippy ones before, but I can't remember the details of all of them.


I've forgotten about so much stuff I used to do on the net, like Seventh Dragon. I haven't gotten on there for months (bet someone took all my resources and second castle T^T). However, there's a bunch of new stuff I do now, mostly on LiveJournal. For instance, all_my_sees, which is a Persona roleplay. It's really fun~ 8D (Kakurisou is a fun character to play)
Lately I've had to borrow my sisters' computers when they're not using them. I had a computer, but my laptop is gone (the reason of which I don't care to share right now) and the replacement from my grandpa was okay, other than the super-dark monitor (even at full brightness! Dx ) but then the motherboard died for some unfathomable reason. (sigh...)
But, I suppose being able to borrow a computer is better than nothing. It means I can still somewhat participate in communities, but I have to be careful not to crash Firefox for fear of ruining what my sister has open. I've been playing Imagine more often lately, which may not be such a smart idea seeing as these monitors are rather dark... o.o
Oh well, I think I'm done with my rant of aggravation now.

Writer's Block: Nature v. nurture

In your opinion, how much of our personality is genetic, and how much is shaped by environmental factors?
Personally I think it's a mixture of both. A child who grows up in a harsh environment can still be an awesome person, where as, in contrast, someone who grew up with a loving family can be a complete jerk. However, despite the fact that a child was a loving person and very compassionate, if they are mistreated, often they become violent like the one who mistreated them. I've seen evidence of both examples throughout my daily life, thus leading to my belief that it either differs from situation to situation or can be somewhat of a mix.

Colors TCG Card Post

☆ The ► indicates which deck I'm collecting.
★ Trades are on a first come, first serve basis.
☆ Just comment to request a hold, I'm pretty patient, but please don't take a year. I will comment to your trade post every now and then to remind you of a hold.
★ I'm a little slow with replying to trades/doing updates, sorry. Patience is appreciated.
☆ *=but trading buddies might be able to work something out
★ Please don't ask for cards that aren't posted yet. This means don't go 'Can I trade XXX for XXX that you got from XXX game?' when I clearly haven't updated my post to reflect I have that card yet. You may, however, ask for a reserve on such cards.
☆ Last Card Post Update: [8/15/10]<-- I updated my trades, but not games and such. {{If it was over a month ago, you may want to check comments to see if what you want was traded away}}

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Lolita Halos

Time to write about random stuff! Recently, I've found an increasing liking towards Beyonce. Her voice is so awesome. *-*  Perhaps the recent discovery of my fondness of her music is due to listening to Halo over and over. My sisters and I are going to be performing Halo at the military ball (for the high school's JROTC). We've been transposing it over to strings from the piano music and the vocal line. [cello gets the bass line of the piano part, I, the viola, get the treble line of the piano part, and the violin gets the vocal line]
I hope we get everything done in time... Speaking of which! That reminds me! I've been planning on ordering a Lolita dress recently. Since my older sister already has two, I figure it shouldn't be too hard to coax my parents into buying me one for the ball. The one I'm looking at is a purple Wa Lolita dress. Though I think it looks okay, I'm wondering it it doesn't really look all that great to other people [since most purple dresses I've found tend to be thought as hideous]. Before ordering that one, though, I plan to check out the EGL community, since there's lots and lost of cute ones there. ^^
Well, time for me to wander off, check out dresses, and keep working on my sheets for Halo.

........... aaaaaannd do my homework.
How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

I saw this and felt the need to answer it, since the name Kidalanna has an interesting story behind it. Though I didn't originally choose the name, my older sister, Kidalana, chose it.
It all started on a text-based roleplay called T2TMud. [it's Lord of the Rings based, pretty fun, but confusing at times] So, I'll tell how the name came to be.
My older sister wanted to join this game as a Silvan elf, and thought of the names Alanna and Kida. [Inspiration for Alanna gotten from the Tamora Pierce books, and Kida from that girl's nickname in Disney's movie Atlantis]. Thus, she combined the two names into Kidalanna. After making this character, though, she realized they were the wrong race. Instead of being a Silvan elf, like she intended, they wound up being a Sindar elf. (Silvans are like King Elron & co., Sindars are like Legolas) So, she remade the character, deleting an 'n' from the name and making them the correct race (thus, Kidalana came to be).
Later, I expressed interest in joining, and she offerred that I could pick one of her characters, either the sindar or the silvan. I wound up choosing the sindar, and so I got the name Kidalanna, and she got the name Kidalana. (Our similar names confuse some people, and later we were accused of double playing and jailed. Boy was that crazy. xD)
After that, we grew attached to the names and used them around other places. (Gaia, Menewsha, Livejournal, e-mail sites, etc.)
Having the same names can be an interesting adventure. Sometimes others being confused about it and thinking we're the same person is frustrating, but it can be rather fun to fry some brains. :3  (occassionally we fry brains on purpose, like having identical avatars on Gaia and Menewsha)

Writer's Block: Forever young?

If you were forced to live forever at any age, what age would you choose, and why? What if your memories stopped at your chosen age? How would that impact your decision?

 Well, I'm thinking that I'd probably wished to be stopped aging around twenty-five years of age. That way, when I go to college, it's not too strange for me to be entering or graduating at twenty-five. Also, I could get an expansive education and multiple degrees while pretending to be older. Also, being twenty-five years old allows me to become physically able to fight well and defend myself as well as start and continue a family, and still look pretty good. Not only that, but when I'm twenty five, I'll have fully matured and have a nice singing voice.
 However, if my memories stopped at the age I chose, I don't think I'd choose to stop aging at twenty five. I would probably choose to stop aging at thirty-five. Then I can retain all the memories of my childhood and my family. Or maybe I'd choose somewhere in my forties instead...
 But, if I got a complete choice in the matter, I'd choose to continue aging. As cool sounding as staying young forever may be, I really don't like the concept of outliving everyone, becoming an outcast and probably viewed as a freak, or not being able to effectively raise children (they'd catch up in age with me, and then it would be downright strange).

Cafe Yoite

Today, my eldest sister picked up me and my other two siblings from school. (Well, not directly from school, since we take buses from our school to schools close to home) Generally, the car ride back consisted of giggling and chatter. On the radio, an ad came on for the McDonalds coffee, McCafe or something weird like that. Anywho, One of the later lines in the advertisement was "Cafe Your Day". This was misheard by my sister as "Cafe Yoite" xD  This became extremely amusing when applying all the other descriptions of the drink such as chocolate [it was said in a really weird voice too o.O]. Somehow, I get the imagery of Yoite sitting in a teacup. That greatly amused me. 8D

Other than that... Today at school children weren't allowed to leave class AT ALL other than to switch classes. There was a strict 'no hall passes' rule applied today. I heard in first period about some kid bringing a gun to a fist fight, but I don't know if that's even related to school. If that's not the reason, I'd sure like to know what the real reason is. Some of my classmates knew why the whole no hall pass thing was applied, but I was never informed--so very frustrating.


F Lock/Candy Canes

Tah dah! My journal is now off friends lock. Thankfully, I haven't actually used livejournal much, or else there would have been lots of entries to unlock. >.<   I only have three friends (my sisters and one of our really good friends, who might as well be my sister) so really, there wasn't any point to friends locking it. I mean, what's the point of writing something that only three people can read? Maybe one day I'll get bunches of friends on this site. Though, I severely doubt that since I can't seem to find many communities I'm interested in. =.=

So, yesterday, my History teacher gave the whole class candy canes. I meant to consume it on the bus ride home, but forgot I had it/ didn't really feel like eating it. Thus, now I'm eating it. The flavor tastes like any other candy cane, but with a hint of some other flavor. This other flavor kind of reminds me of that Eucalyptus mosquito repellent (boy, did that stuff smell weird, it worked though). Typing with partially sticky fingers is such a bother, because you have to avoid impacting the keyboard with the sticky part of your finger and just type with the clean part. So far, it's working out because only two out of ten fingers are sticky at all.

"One more time I might just go insane~"

Just got finished helping my little brother correct his homework. I actually messed up at one point and thought his answer was incorrect when it was mine that was wrong. x3  (oopsies~) Recently, I made the Chris icon used for this post to be used in muse_icalbox. I'm roleplaying him, so I thought I should make an icon of him. Originally, his name was printed vertically over the sparkles and there was no border-thing. However, my sisters thought I should ditch the name, to make it usable regularly. Thus, I got rid of the name. Then I was playing with the weird stamp cut-out tool, and found the border. Thus, I decided to apply it under the sparkles layer.
Trimming off Chris's background was a little troublesome, but significantly easier than some other backgrounds I've removed. I kind of wanted to make the background orange, but for some reason didn't. The icon may have looked better if I made the background something other than blue. Perhaps that was a silly decision. There's one thing that bothers me about the image though: Chris is wearing a light pink shirt! >.<  So girly....

I just remembered something I was going to make a journal post about back in December/November. During one of those two months, my sisters and I went to a church party for "The Dream Team". Basically, it's the group of people that sets up stuff for the church in the mornings, takes it down after the service, goes out and does things for the community, etc. At the Christmas party, there was kareoke. My sisters and I sang "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks. Apparently it sounded pretty good. :3
What I wanted to talk about, though, was the first song sang. Two guys from Shift, the church's band, came up on stage. Thus started their rendition of Love Story [real song by Taylor Swift]. It was so funny because they kept staring silently at the screen at parts, and the audience filled in for them. "See the party, the ballgowns" became "See the party, the ballgames". That amused everyone.

Generally, the party was very fun. It was filled with nice people, and everyone enjoyed themselves bunches. There were little mini christmas presents, [probably one cubic inch in volume] that were made just to put numbers for the drawing on the bottom. We took some home and made ornaments out of them, because they were so cute.